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Energy Bars

Reward yourself with a s

erving of these delicious energy bars!

(1,290 calories for the batch / 143 calories each)

1 cup raw sunflower seeds (269 cal)

1 cup raw cashews or pecans, macadamia nuts or pistachios (~480 cal)

1 T psyllium (53 cal)

1 scoop pea protein powder (120 cal)

3-4 figs (188 cal)

1 T agave (60 cal)

1 T coconut oil in liquid form…above 72 degrees (120 cal)

½ tsp sea salt

Grind seeds, protein powder and psyllium in food processor until into small pieces

Mix wet ingredients and salt

Blend dry and wet ingredients together

Press into a 9 x 9 non-stick pan (or spray with coconut oil). Cook at 350 for 10-15 minutes. Cool for a few minutes and cut into 9 bars.

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